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7 Scattered Flowers Wedding Headpieces You Will Love

Small flowers are one of my favorites. I know these romantic scattered wild flowers are more than just a trend and it’s fair to say these romantic style will be around forever. These small little things are defenitely my all times crush.

If you’re aiming to capture a mood of carefree romanticism and femininity on your special day, this style will be your perfect choices. These headpieces will go oh so well with any of hairstyle, hair color, hair lenght, and bridal dresses or veils.

Scroll down to discover 7 of my favorite small scattered style wild flower I know you’ll fall in love with . 1. Various Sizes of Small Wild Flower Hair Pins This romantic wild flowers are inspired by the three petals of flowers, with all it's simplicity, I paired it with pearl beads to enhance it minimalism style. The Various Sizes of Small Wild Flower Hair Pins set is floral style with simplicity that still give you a wow factor and attention steal.

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Enhance the word, scattered, this flowers are best to be freely posing in a random places of hair. Long hair style or updo? Both will be just as romantic.