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An Intimate Wedding Celebration

Due to the pandemic, Arief and Lala had to postponed their wedding day for a few months. They were extremely lucky to be able to keep all of their favorite vendors in their new schedule and have their dream wedding party, even though they had to scale it down, but hey, love is still celebrated.

In this classic white dress and black suit with a touch of sage green, Lala is pairing her tube top and inner v neck sheer long sleeves dress with our Small Floral hair comb as an headband accent, to complete her low ponytail hair. She finished it off with a plain single layer long veil. Classy!

Love is always win

When I first met Lala and discuss about her wedding look, we were agree that simple and natural style will look perfect for her. She introduce me to her fiancé and it was a surprised, because he is my childhood friend! We were a classmate back in elementary school. What a small world, and I sincerely feel happy for both of them.

They initially planned to have their wedding day in June, and have to postpone it for a few months. I am a living witness on how love is always win. A lot of my clients are waiting, patiently to have their dream wedding. And that's how I know love is always, always win.

Lala's Modest Wedding Dress

When it comes to her wedding dress, one thing that come across my mind was: classic and modest. She wanted something more of a sacred look for her holy matrimony. This broken white wedding dress is a perfect choice. It's modest and classic, but the sheer look is still gives her modern and sexy look.

She loves to have a low ponytail with a messy look in the front part, to frame her face perfectly and gives her feminine and softer look. We paired it with a small white flower hair comb to make her look chic.

Lala's Words for Fellow Bride to Be

"Relax, smile, and enjoy your wedding day. Things might get wrong, small mistakes will occur, so does big mistakes. There will be flaws, a lot of flaws. But always remember that we hired our chosen vendors with reasons and we trust them that they'll do their best. They will eventually do wrong here and there, because we are all human. Just like love, there's no such thing like perfect love, we'll make mistakes, learn from it, and grow better. So sit back and enjoy the roller coaster. Take a deep breath and be grateful."


Photographer: Biggest Moment

Dress: House of Lea

Headpiece: Peony Lover

Makeup and hair do: Maymaya Makeup and team

Event Organizer: Starlight EO


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