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A Fusion Style of Thailand and Chinese Style Wedding

Another story of how pandemic makes a lot of us to postpone or even taking a detour. It was back in the end of 2019, bride Windy contacted me and we were discussing about a perfect set of oriental headpieces for her wedding day ceremony.

We both agreed to recreate one of my best seller set headpieces with hair pins.

Then off course, as we are all know, pandemic hit us, extremely bad back in early 2020. It still linger up until now. We had to postponed everything.

After waited for almost 1,5 year, Windy contacted me, and came up with a brand new concept. She wanted to keep her Chinese style wedding, but added a touch of Thailand style, to make it look a bit different.

I was so excited with her new ideas. Took me a few weeks to came up with design. She wanted to have a phoenix on the headpieces, to match her dress. Of course I said yes to that.

To make this pieces come true, I locked myself in my studio for about 2 weeks, and it was worth every effort, trial and error.

I think it's amazing how people are still fighting for love, waiting for love. And I guess my take from this work is: Love always win.

I'm a living witness on how couples are fighting for love. not the easiest thing to do, but it'll be worth it.

All the vendors who supported Windy:

Photo & video: Sinyori Tan Picture


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