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From The Heart of Peony Lover


It started on 2013. I was a makeup artist back then and doing a lot of bridal makeup. I've been blessed so much to be able to travel across the world while doing makeup. Asia and Europe were my traveling destination.

At first, some of my brides were asking if I have hair accessories that they can use on their wedding day. I didn't, so I ordered them online and let my bride use them. But all of the headpieces that I ordered were too stiff, heavy, and not versatile. I wanted something that will stand the test of time but still romantic with a lots of flowers. So, with the grace of God, I decided to make it myself. 

I start small, simple and it was on of my successful secret sauce, to be patient doing what I had in my hands


This was one of my first headpiece ever. I cut the embroidery, arrange them section by section then hand stitched each of those hundreds beads myself. I was doing it during weekdays and on the weekend, I do bridal makeup.

I did this kind of headpiece  for months. Never complain, I did it with grateful heart and thank God for each dime that I make.


I am proudly say that I am nothing without you, all the brides who supporting me, trust me, and push me to grow. I was forced to get out of my comfort zone by you guys! Thank you so much!

This was my first grow. I started to play with wire and pearls, because my brides asked me to make that for them, so I teach myself and did my best.  After pearls, then come the fabric flower, beaded flower, lacquer flower, Chinese styled hair pin and so on.



It hurts us so much in any ways, both of my jobs were in wedding industry. Covid was destroying my work. I still remember, March 22, 2020 was the last time I did bridal makeup, while April 2020 was the last headpiece order that I received. When The President of Indonesia announced that we are under lockdown, I was crying so hard. I was so scared because if we have no more wedding , then I am basically jobless.

People around me were selling frozen food to meet the end, and a lot of them were need at least a decent pictures to help them selling their frozen food online, so I helped them taking pictures for their product using camera that I usually use to take pictures of my headpieces, and I earn a little money from there, sometimes food that I photographed. I thank god, I still have food to eat and place to live.

3 months went by, Covid are getting worst. I realize, I might not be able to go back to the wedding industry, and my savings will last for 6 months only. I have to do something before I lost everything. I pray to God, asked for His wisdom, then I bought fabric, embroiderry floss and hop. Then I started to handsew fabric mask with hand embroidery flowers. It went viral!

Hand embroidered mask.jpg

I believe it's all by God's grace. I was able to have more than enough by selling embroidery fabric mask, and not only that, I can save up, do charity, and buy myself a new sewing machine. I did this for months. And when people are allowed to have small intimate wedding, I started to get headpieces orders. I still juggling between embroidery mask and headpieces. At the end of 2021, I let go of embroidery mask and be thankful for taking care of me during covid


I am married now, and no longer a makeup artist. I'm focus on headpieces, because I can work from home while taking care of my family. That's why my working hours is relatively short (10am - 4pm) and I don't work on the weekend, because my priority has changed. But I am still the same gal next door, who understand that every brides deserved to have their best and I have responsibility to God who gave me this talent, to use it to help others. I am going strong with versatile headpiece, easy to wear, adjustable, stand the test of time, high quality, romantic, flowery, and light weight.

Until today, you guys are still the sunlight to my flowers. You help me grow and become better each time. I'm not perfect, so does my headpieces, but I am willing to learn and my promise since 10 years a go are still the same: I'll give you my best despite all. Love you all and God bless us.



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