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From The House of Peony Lover

We are a small team of a creative people who are inspired by the bride herself and all of the people behind her.

We are inspired to empowering women, by giving a small piece of our heart and soul, while giving out a lot of our time, energy, creativity, and attention to help other women feeling at their best, and while doing that, we also find the best of our selves in their smile and happiness.

We are strongly believe that real woman help other woman. 

Our design is romantic, feminine, simple, flowery, and modern aesthetic.

All of our headpieces are freshly made from our working bench. Our studio is located in Jakarta Indonesia, with a beautiful city view right at our glance.

IMG_1144 - Copy ed.jpg




"Follow your heart, she knows the way"

Your crafty friend who wants to share happiness and love with you by hand making your dream headpieces come true.

I love pretty details with the finest material. My design is inspired by romance, simplicity, sweetness in life and nature. 

I believe in process, enjoying process and found that time is my very best friend in creating a masterpiece and become a master.

I'm a full time headpiece designer and maker, spend most of my time at Peony Lover's studio, here in the east side of Jakarta Indonesia, where I can watch the loveliest city view at my glance.

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