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Dolly Princess Look for Your Wedding Day

We are all want something different for our special day. Something unique and match our personalities. How can we do that? A bespoke headpieces will be a very good options. Custom made your own style to match the exact look that you want to create.

Bridal Pearly Headband
Chloe Pearl Headband

Why Chloe headband? It is made of a various size of high quality pearl, we gather them all with non tarnish silver plated wire, and make as little gap as possible to make it look fuller and pretty

Chloe headband is also a very easy to be moved around, to make it following your natural hair style, and very easy to wear and style.

I hope you can find this blogpost helpfull, or maybe you can try this wedding hair style for your boheian or rustic wedding style.

You can find Chloe headpiece here


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