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How Seraphina Custom Order Her Tusuk Konde for Sangjit Day

woman wearing chinese hairpin and custom engagement headpiece in pink gold color
Seraphina on her engagement day

It was back in 2019, when Seraphina message me and asked me to make a pair of headpieces, one tusuk konde (hairpin) and one haircomb. Of course both will be flowery. And I ended up creating Agnes hairpin

Our first conversation was talking about how the headpiece will look like in general. And she wanted them to be nothing too much but still pretty and sweet.

I have 2 months to work on her headpieces, because I was taking a whole month break at that time, and I still have a whole month to work on them from scratch. And she said "It's ok, no worries, take your time, I'll be patient."

How sweet she is.

I started with asking her to send me the picture of her dress. She wanted to go full on simple Chinese traditional look. Her dress is in a sweet peachy pink color with flowers and branches and leaves. That will be my guide to create the majority of her headpieces.

I make a sketch and sent it her, see if she's ok with the design and details. Here's my sketch

custom pink tusuk konde cina for engagement day
Sketch and beta project

She's ok with everything else, except the color. Instead of lighter pink, she wanted it to be more darker, almost dusty pink. So I remake the beta project and it turn out this way

Tusuk konde cina pink gold
Seraphina final tusuk konde

She love it! So I worked on her second headpiece, and here's the final result

custom pink and gold flower headpiece
Seraphina's headpiece

I finished my deadline, a week before the due date. Sent them to her and they arrived at Seraphina's address 3 days before her big engagement day. Thank you so much for trusting me and share happiness with me.

black long hair wearing pink flower headpiece and Chinese hairpin
Seraphina's tusuk konde and hairdo

Pink engagement headpiece and chinese hairpin
Handmade custom tusuk konde and haircomb

I named it tusuk konde Agnes. If you like Seraphina's custom design you can click here


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