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How I Created Tiffany Headpiece for Ms.Kartika

white flower bohemian custom bridal headpiece with gold leaves
Bohemian style bridal headpiece

It was back in early February 2020. Kartika messaged me and asked me to custom made her a goddes look crown with bohemian and natural style for hear to wear as a goddes crown. She wanted it to be 40cm long with leaves and flowers.

She'll need it on the second week of March 2020. So I have roughly 5 weeks to design it, looking for the right material, making it, and finishing it. Not an easy job, but I was very thankfull, she was very considerate, easy to work with and the most important thing, she gave me plenty of time to work on it. Two thumbs up for Kartika.

Kartika is not a first timer customer for me. Back in October 2019, I made her a headpiece for her engagement day. You can click here for what her choosen pieces looks like, if you are interested.

Custom wedding headpiece bohemian style with flower and twigs
Tiffany bohemian headpiece from Peony Lover

It took me 2 weeks to make the sketch design (this is the hardest part) and Kartika is very patient.

I finished it in 4 weeks, sent it to her, and it was safe with it's new owner, roughly a week before Kartika's wedding day. And she was so nice, to tag me on Instagram. Look at her, so pretty.

Bride with her custome flower crown bridal headpiece bohemian style
Kartika's testimonial on Tiffany headpiece

Thank you so much Kartika, for sharing your happiest moment with me. Do you like this piece? Please share with me if you love it.

Stay healthy and safe


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