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Headpiece Packaging

Not only pretty, but it has to be secure, safe and give more than enough protection to the headpieces while we shipped them.

How we came out with this packaging system?

Through trial and errors, customer's complains (oops!), broken headpieces because of shipping (we were crying a river back then). So here our best packaging system so far.

  • Hard box

It's a must, to pretect everything inside, and as our first and strongest bumper. Trust me, people on the shipping company won't treat our packages as a fragile, even though we already taped a lot of fragile stickers. It is what it is. Their job is to make our packages arrived on time and to the right address. As a seller and headpiece designer, we have to taking care of our product according to it's nature. Oh yes, it's eco friendly. If you dispose it, it will be decompose in 2 months.

  • Bubble wrap

To wrap the headpieces. It looks minor, but a lot of people still making this mistakes. Always wrap your headpieces with the bubble wrap part inside, touching the headpieces. Not the flat part of the bubble wrap.

  • Fabric sponge

It's not that important, but I just love how it will give the headpieces extra protection. Even though the bubble wrap will do most of the important job, but still, to make everything stay in place is a plus key to protetct the headpieces.

  • Tissue paprer wrapper and a natural rope

Again, to keep everything together and stay in place. By reducing movement of the headpieces, will give you zero change of damage. Most of the time, damages are cause by, lack of protection layers, too much movement (either the box is way too big, or not enough filling to fill the extra gap inside the box.

  • Knick knacks

Has nothing to do with shipping, but more of us trying to communicate and express our grattitude. We're included: Thank you note, hand written note, how to wear card, and how to take care of your headpieces. We also included a natural linen pouch, to store your headpieces

Our headpieces are designed to be an heirloom, where you can pass from generation to generation, or share it with your sisters and bestfriend. I strongly suggest to keep all the headpieces inside the box, and do the exact same as how we did it.

Do you love our packaging system? I hope this can inspire you.

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