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Guide on Choosing The Right Headpieces for Your Bridal Veil

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Having a wedding is sure stressful enough, then as a bride, we have to face a lot of options. And thanks to technology, nowadays we are facing gazillion of choices: A lot of beautiful bridal look, gorgeous hairstyles, breathtaking veils and wedding dresses, and of course headpieces.

Here's a little guide from us on how to match headpieces with bridal veil. Get something yummy to drink and sit back

Small and Simple Headpieces With Veil

Something simple, small and minimal are always in trend, especially with what happen to the world right now, wedding becoming smaller, intimate, and simple. Elopement or private wedding becoming a huge trend.

With this trend, we do understand that simple means a lot today. Here's a few inspiration on small simple headpieces and how to pair it with veil.

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Headpieces To Be Worn on The Front Part Of Your Veil

Yes, it can be a headband, but in our studio we are creating more than a headband. We love something more flexible and adjustable. Moreover, we love to give you a freedom to wear our headpieces.

We are talking about bridal hair vine that can be worn as a headband but they are not exactly a headband. Here's a few ideas on how our real brides style them, and we hope you would find something interesting and take it as your personal bridal style.

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"You may now kiss the bride"

Statement Headpieces That Will Compliment Your Wedding Veil

If you love traditional simple veil and want to spice it up with statement headpieces, we have quite a lot of selections on that. And the good news is, we offer more than just a hair comb. Yes, we do have hair pins that can be worn as such.

Shop this look CONNY

Shop this look LORELEI

Shop this look MEGAN

Shop this look MEGAN

Shop this look LAURA

Shop this look STELLA

We'll be delightful if you get one or two ideas from all of the inspiration above. All of those pretty headpieces can be found on our website by Click Here

If you need more ideas on how to style bridal hair after the veil ceremonial, you can Read This blog post

Which one is your favorite headpieces to go with wedding veil? Leave a comment below.


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