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Heartfelt Bali Pre Wedding Photo Session

There are many forms of love, but the one that lasts is the one that comes once in a lifetime and I found it in you-

Photo Session at Lake Tamblingan

Located at the foot of Mount Lesung, lake Tamblingan was a little bit chilli compared to any other parts of Bali. Not only it keeps the romantic atmosphere, but also make the pre wedding photo session more heartfelt.

I witnessing a lot of photo session at lake Tamblingan, and it never fail me. It was so tranquil, and make you feel at ease, I guess it's true that there's something magical about mountain.

Romantic Dark Look

I fell in love with Florencia's heart neck dark wedding dress with high slit, combine with our Twiggy bridal headpiece in gold to complete her low updo. It really compliment her overall look. While Kevin is wearing the classy classic all black suit, he's going a little bit casual without a tie. They're both look gorgeous.

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." –Nora Ephron

A Gold Bridal Headpieces to Brighten The Look

Sure, I am agree that all black is last forever, it's classy, classic, and seems effortlessly chic. Nothing can go wrong with black. I love how Florencia choose our Twiggy bridal comb in gold to brighten her look and their overall look. It gives them a subtle pop of color. Nothing much, just perfect.

Twiggy was made of fresh water pearl, combine with maple leaves and twigs. I finished it off with a lot of matsuno micro beads to make it look more feminine and soft. It's a gold headpiece with soft rose gold and peach accent. Silver is available upon request.

Best Advice

Florencia is a professional photographer, and this is an insight that I learned from her: always make plan on everything ahead, and make a mood board as a guide. The more detail you catch, the better.

Last but not least, smile, be happy, and fall in love with the same person every single day, over and over again.

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