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Peony Lover's Workshop: Jakarta, 12 August 2023

This workshop was a result of months and months of praying. Was extremely hesitant to do a workshop because I didn't know who wants to do such a meticulous hand work?

But, have you ever have a constant nudge in your heart? That still small voice who keep wishpering to your ears non stop?

That, that still small voice keep telling me to do a workshop, to share my skill and knowledge.

So I ditch my own thought and start to plan my first workshop in Jakarta. But again my hesitation kicking in. So I just went with 10 seats. To be honest with you guys, by that time, if I only have 6 people on my list, I think I will be very happy.

But again, God never fail me, no matter how much I doubted Him. From 6 seats of hope, to 10 full seats, and that wasn't enough, He gave me 14 seats. Was 14 enough for Him? No. He gave me 17 seats. That's more than twice. If that's enough for God? NOPE. Up until today (day +2 after workshop) people are still messaging me and ask about workshop.

Was that enough? No.

I was fully supported by my husband, my sister who gave me this beautiful tabble setting, my family and an old friend that suddenly come and give me a pair of extra hands and amazing talent.

I am more than blessed. I'm living a life full of grace.

Huge thanks to

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