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Wendy Hairpin

Double sided

Was made of:

  • Handcrafted flowers
  • Silver plated wire
  • Beads

Color by request (contact us by LINE@, email, or form)

Lenght 16 cm

This product is easy to use

Made by order

Perfect for an updo, bun, or even a half do. All you have to do is just stick the pin onto your hairdo

WENDY | Tusuk Konde Bunga

Color: Dusty Pink
  • Our designs are handcrafted from scratch, so details including size can be customize to suit your preference style, color, and size.


    Contact us

  • Due to the nature of our handmade customize product, we are very sorry to inform you that we do not accept refund and exchange at all cost and any form.

    Every pieces are already checked and we make sure that they are all in a very good condition, and packed in a secure and waterproof packaging to minimize any misshandled during the shipping process.

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