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Wedding Trend Alert: Bridal Hairpiece for Glamour Side Swept Bride Hairstyle

It was back in early June 2022. A bride-to-be named Lidya from Palembang Indonesia contacted me. She wanted something glamour to complete her side swept bridal hair.

For her custom order, she sent me a few pictures of my hairpieces, and she asked me to do a little twist here and there to match her wedding dress and to achieve the look that she wanted to have on her wedding day.

She come to a conclusion that she wanted a botanical touch with pearls and crystals. Here's how we made it

Step #1: Acknowledge on What The Customer Wants

She went straight to my website and screen capture a few items that she love. She put a mark on every detail that she loves, and send them all to me

Step #2: Communication

Extremely important. Lidya was very clear on what she wants and how she want the final look to be. Of course it took us a several back and forth and exchanging text message, and took us several days to communicate pre design. I think it's very important for me to fully understand what she wants, so I can execute better.

Step #3: Design

Every custom order always come with sketch. It's easier for customer to imagine how it'll be turn out, and it'll be my guide to create the new piece(s).

Step #4: Process and Progress

The hardest part was to bring 2D design into a real life. Thank God, Lidya gave me just enough time to create her dream piece come true. After waiting for about 7 days, I finally came up with half of the design come to real life. I sent a pictures to Lidya, to make sure if the color is right and it looks like what she have in mind. And I'm glad it was.

So, here's the final result

Look how gorgeous Lidya is! Congratulations and please always be happy.

Bride: Lidya, Hairpiece:, Hair and makeup: Vinny Olivia

Here's a little testimonial from her Makeup Artist and Hairstylist:

Please do not be afraid on doing custom order, we are here to help you out. Contact us for more info about bespoke, by clicking here


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