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Rustic Garden Wedding In Jakarta

It was back in early 2018, one sweet girl named Anne, contacted me because she wanted to custom order her wedding headpiece. Her request is very simple: Two headpieces, for Holly Matrimony and dinner party. She wanted something classy in off white color.

Well, off white and classy are easy, what's difficult is the huge range of style, because she just trusted me with that. So I asked her to sent me her wedding dress pictures and her choice of hairstyle.

Bride using custom bridal headpiece in white and off white flower wrath
Anne custom headpiece on her preparation morning

It took me arround 2 months to do her orders. This is how I did it, step by step:

1. Brain storming, by searching for inspiration

2. Decided, what kind of headpieces that goes well with her dress and hair

3. By looking at her dress and hair style choices, I can briefly tell what kind of person someone is.

I think, the most important thing for a headpiece maker is, to know their customer's personal style, so they can deliver the right message and make the perfect piece.
You can't make the perfect piece for everyone, but you can make the perfect piece for someone.

Bride doing her makeup and hair with a handmade white flower headpiece
Anne bridal headpiece on a closer look for more details

If you like what's on Anne, you can click here:


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