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Collaboration with Papilon et Papier

@papilon.papier on Instagram is our sister company.


They are working on bespoke keepsake wedding stationery and all of the small details you don't want to missed during your big day.

They do hand lettering and hand sketching (venue, simple water color drawing, pencil sketch, urban sketch, and also botanical drawing)

All of their invitation are handmade, just like our headpieces.

They also offer a knick knack styling shoot for you!


What is our collaboration?

Both of us are offering 20% discount for customer who are ordering wedding stationery and headpiece on single purchase. No limit, and valid for all items.

We'll run this sale until March 2023


How to get the discount?

Simply by contacting both of us and discuss about your order. Each of us will give you 20% discount on both of our invoices. As simple as that.

Contact us HERE


Collaboration with MONODOUX Portrait

@monodoux.portrait on Instagram is our favorite photographer.

They are working on wedding photography, pre wedding photo session, engagement photography, graduation photos, family photos, baby and children photoshoot, as well as beauty shoot 


What is our collaboration?

If you are booking beauty or couple photo session with MONODOUX during month of love, you'll get 14% discount from MONODOUX and FREE RENT headpieces from PEONY LOVER

We'll run this promo during February 2023


How to enjoy this limited offer?

Simply by contacting @monodoux.portrait on Instagram. As simple as that.

Click here for direct link to MONODOUX's Instagram

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