Guide to Recreate French Wedding Theme

French has been one of the all times favorite trend setter. Fashion, hair, cuisine, wedding, holiday, you named it, French has it all put together.

Seasons may changed, years has passed by, but we can't unsee French wedding as a part of each years' wedding trend. Here, we curated French wedding trend as a guide for you to recreate French wedding theme as your own. You don't have to live in Paris to act like Parisienne.

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French Wedding Dress

French wedding dress known as simple and elegant, nothing is too much. Everything is just enough in a right way. French wedding dress has a few important key point: lace, tulle, florals and pearls are important details in all French wedding dresses.

A line cutting and mermaid are seen anywhere. They are often very modest, with high neckline (turtle neck kinda neckline) and long sleeves. If you love to show some skin, plunge neckline will be a perfect choice, but don't forget to cover everything else.

Take point of French wedding dresses are, keep it elegant, simple, feminine, and say no to something that are too tacky, too sexy, too much.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.- Coco Chanel

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French Wedding Stationery

We can't say no to beautiful flat lays on wedding stationery. But for some reasons, French wedding stationery seems like the evergreen flat lays that will stay forever on Pinterest.

Fashion changes, but style endures.- Coco Chanel

Here's the key point that we take on French Wedding Stationery:

Calligraphy, vintage paper, florals, hand painted. Everything looks like they were from 1920's. Pastel color are still favorite color palette.

French Wedding Hair Style

What we love about French wedding hairstyles are extremely versatile. They done it perfectly but not too neat, it's so natural but in a very pretty finishing.

Key point to French bridal hairstyles are: natural almost undone look, low bun with a little twist style, front part of hair framed the face lightly.

Chiquita Wedding Flower Hairpins

Nadine Small Flower Bridal Headpiece

Kiranamia Flower Bridal hairpins

Mia Small Flower Hairpins

French Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding cake, just like anything else that we already talked in this post, French stick to simplicity and pay attention to the detail.

The key point to French wedding cake are: simple (of course), light color in a similar shades, botanical, flowers and or fruits.

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French Wedding Tableware

There will be a feast in a wedding, how can we forget about tableware?

French love their cuisine, and honestly who doesn't? They do magic, and those magic needs pretty things to hold them up. When it comes to tableware, French love it in a soft pastel earth tone or bluish color combination. and yes, they have to be a Chinaware with classic pattern, either floral or paysley.

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French Wedding Bouquets

French bouquets are always in a spring/summer color theme. They often time are huge in size and arranged in a horizontal shape. Color combination usually include: yellow, peach, green, lilac, purple, blue. Don't forget to add a dimension in it, such as big flowers, small flowers, long stem and various shapes.

Tied them all with silk ribbon for a natural/organic look.

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French Wedding Accessories

When it come in accessories, French bride love anything simple and versatile. For example, on this hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Bride can choose either flower hairpiece or flower earrings. Anything floral and dainty are perfect for French bride. Here's a little ideas on hairpiece and earrings for French bride

Rose, the white flower bridal hairpins

Lauvre, Pearl and flowers hair comb

Nefri, Flower bridal dangling earrings

Which one is your favorite French Wedding detail? Please comment down bellow if you have any suggestions or would love to add something for this guide.

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I'll see you on my next post! Au revoir!