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How To Wear Our Headpieces?

A questions that we received quite often. Especially from bride who love to do their own hair. So, here we are, ready to help you with a clear video instructions

1. Hair Vine type of headpieces

The first headpiece to wear that confuses a lot of people is this kind of headpiece, the one with no comb, clip, pin or any form of attachment tool, like so:

Folerette hair vine for feminine bohemian/ rustic/ garden/ beach/ outdoor wedding style, click here for product information.

Tiffany flower crown for stylish and modern look but still with a little bit of boho and rustic touch. Click here for product information.

Yulan headpiece, a short vine headpiece for more classic and classy bridal look. Click here for more product information.

Rika hair garland. A long garland that can be wear as a flower crown to wrap arround your head. A perfect headpiece for spring summer bride. Click here for product information.

Ava feather headpiece. A very unique combination of feather and fresh water pearl. Our bride love this. You can wear this headpiece all year arround. From spring to winter with any hair styles. Click here for more information on this item.

I know they may look so overwhelming. Pretty but scary. Common questions are:

How to wear and is it going to stay in place. Well, let's dig deeper.

How to wear?

For this type of headpieces, you will need: a few bobby pins that matches your hair color.

How many? My suggestion is 2-4 pieces for every 10 cm/ 4 inches.

That's it? Yeah that's it. Please watch this video for in deepth instructions

Featured here is Olivia headpiece, you can click it here

Is it going to stay in place?

Yes it is. Because our headpieces are very very light weight.

Little tips: When you finished put on the headpiece and secure them with enough bobby pins, try to move your head and see if there's a loose or moving part. If you find a loose part, add more bobby pins until everything is stay perfectly, then you'll be good to go.

2. Hair comb and hair pins type of headpieces

Let's move on to the second type of headpieces, the one with attachment tools. Such as a hair comb (small, short with more teeth) and a hair pin (long with 2 sticks like). Here's a few examples:

Hestia hair pins. This flower hair pins are se of 3 pcs. They are versatile, classic and classy. If you love simple and elegant style with low sleek up do or messy up do, these will do good. For more information on this item, please click here.

Reyna set of 2 pcs. Another simple, small and elegant hair pins. This hair pins goes well with any hair styles. See how we styled them here .

Celine hair comb, is one of our best seller. You can wear this with low updo, half updo, or even on the side of your high bun. This piece will be perfect for winter wedding or indoor venue. It'll give you classic touch and timeless. Click here for more about this product.