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How To Choose The Right Headpieces?

Is there any rules for that? As a free spirit person, I just think that we are allowed to wear whatever we want, as long as we feel comfortable and happy. But what if we want some insight to choose the perfect pieces for us?

1. Headpiece is a Complimentary Element

Choose headpieces that compliment your gown and it's color combination.

Decided what kind of style that suit you, sometimes we are drown in trend, but if I have a chance to say something, I'll say screw trend and just do you. Make your own trend that you really love and it screams: my style!

And thes, pay attention to detail, because detail is the one that create design. I always asked my clients to send me a picture of your gown or dress, because it'll help so much to create headpiece that will compliment your dress.

Hairpin shows in the picture: Oriz Hairpin

2. Consider Hairstyle

It will be easier for if you decided what kind of hairstyle that you like? Is it sleek poytail? Half updo? Bohemian braid? or Classic updo?

It will be very helpfull.

Headpiece shows in the picture: Freya Headpiece

3. Headpiece That Fits You

Nothing will look worst than an awkward headpiece. I recommend you to choose headpieces that flow naturaly, and following your head and hairstyle easily. It will give you the prettiest effortless look ever. We are dedicated our headpiece to be easy to use and have a natural movement.

Headpiece shows in the picture: Megan Headpiece in blue

I hope it will help you to start make plan on your headpieces. If you need assitant, please fell free to contact us here

Good luck gorgeous!

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