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Bridal Headpieces for New Normal Wedding

Some restrictions has been lifted in a few countries, and it has been a tough time and still tough for all of us right now. The world is wounded but it keeps going, so does love. As a person who involved in this wedding industry fo a very long time, I'm witnessing every celebration of love, all of those love birds, and any kind of wedding celebrations.

With a dynamic situation now, we must adapting, not only in our daily life but also in celebrating love.

An intimate and small wedding has become a perfect choice right now. Here I share with you, my bride-to-be, a choices of bridal headpieces for new normal wedding celebration.

Minimal wedding theme

There are restrictions everywhere on how many people that are allowed to be gathered in one occassion. This make a lot of couples choosing Minimal wedding theme. As simple as it sounds, I do believe that simple doesn't mean easy nor cheap. You are deserve to be at your best in a simpliest way as possible. You might love this bridal headpieces:

Bohemian wedding theme

If you like a flowy dress and gorgeous messy hair, you might love this bohemian bridal style. It is romantic and beautiful. I suggest you to have your wedding toast on a sunset to catch a dramatic twilight vibe and of course romance.

Try this headpiece:

Delicate wedding flower crown or mahkota bunga wedding
Rika Flower Crown

Rustic wedding theme

For some places, the government only allowed to gathered people in an open area. If you are feeling overwhelmed with garden party, you can try rustic concept. It is almost bohemian, but not as relax. And because Rustic theme is leafy, woody, and close to the nature you might like to balancing it with something sweet and girly:

New normal classic wedding theme

We still want to have the "normal" wedding vibe. For once in a lifetime, we want it to be special and forget a bout the pandemic just for a few hours. I got you, try this: Classic headpiece

New normal glamour wedding theme

There's nothing wrong to have glamour look wedding during pandemic, in fact you can make a small wedding but still with a glamour vibe. What makes it glamour is not how big it is, but how good you are in choosing details. Crystals and pearls are still our favorite. You might want to look at these:

Bride wearing hair garland
Claire Wedding Hair Garland

Which one is your favorite? Please let me know. In the mean time, be safe and stay healthy.