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A Dream Come True Tamblingan Lake Pre Wedding Photo Session

And it was my own pre wedding photo session.

If you are following me on Instagram, you may notice that I had more than a week little break. It's all because I'm doing my own pre wedding photo session. It was a very lovely and full of love session. Both me and my fiancé are receiving so much love, we are extremely blessed.

I didn't have much time to create my own dreamy headpieces, because I still need to help another bride as well. So I squeeze a few hours for almost a month, to create my own dream headpieces.

I wanted to wear a skin tight mermaid dress in red. For some reason, I always pull towards mermaid dress and it really does wonder to my figure. So I decided to make something in red.

I love natural look. I think something that is close to my own natural look will suit me better, something simple yet small and dainty are my cup of tea. So, I decided to go with a small simple handmade flower hair pins, with buds, half bloom, and full bloom stages of flowers, to remind me that life is made of all of those stages, and they are all perfect.

Knot hair is something that I always wanted to try, so I decided to do it. A little undone feeling is also my favorite look. Again, simple and natural.

If you love what I made and wore during my pre wedding photo session, I do have them exclusive for rent. Please click here for more info.

If you have any question regarding my pre wedding photo session, please contact me through Instagram DM.