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2022 TOP Wedding Colors Trends

The right wedding color palette is the most important decision to be made in the process of planning your weddings in 2022. We are sharing you 7 pretty wedding colors trends that are expected to be huge in the months to come.

1. Dusty Blue

Something blue is still in! We are seeing it everywhere and we expect the trend to be very much on trend for 2022. This is such a statement color and it can be used in all aspects of your wedding. Our preferred way of using it for an accent, combine it with white, silver or gold and greenery. You can also incorporate this color with your bridesmaid's dresses and hair accessories.

2. Blush

We’vedone our research, and said this before and we will say it again, blush color is life! It matches perfectly with so many colors so we suspect it will still be a huge trend for 2022. The look of a blush color is absolutely stunning! It is romantic, sweet, and everlasting.

3. Pale Gold

A sweet and classic choices of color. If you are in love with the ideas of something everlasting but doesn't give you that vintage feeling, pale gold color will the perfect color. Combination of champagne, white, and ivory will be huge for 2022.

4. Pastel Warm

Who doesn't love pastel color? What about we adding some warm color tone but in pastel. We are very sure that mint and peach will be huge for 2022, especially in the Spring and Summer time. Are you ready to wowed your guests?

5. Mauvee

Mauvee colors are starting to emerge and we have a feeling the trend will get bigger in 2022. Rosegold, dusty pink, and peach will be the perfect compliment for mauve. Add more greenery, gold, and silver will be perfect too.

6. Greenery Grey

Green is huge! We are seeing it everywhere and we expect the trend for 2022. If you’re conscious about the environment and have a green thumb, then this is your color. Grey and silver will give the vibes of a simple and modern style. Adding a white floral headpiece will be a perfect match.

7. Ivory Gold

It's not just a plain old gold, but softer, with a touch of ivory. It's so romantic and flawless. We are seeing it to be anywhere this 2022 wedding trend. Add a touch of white and peach to make it look more romantic. Garden party during sunset will be absolutely stunning breath taking view.

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