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2021 Bridal Headpiece Trend

We are only a few days away from 2021. A lot has happened on 2020, I saw a lot of wedding has been postponed in the beginning of the year, and I also witness how love always win. People will always find a way to celebrate love. Even though everything went small, but the love is still big, even bigger.

Here's our prediction on 2021 bridal headpiece trend

1. Scattered flowers

A simple flowers that can be styled however you want it. I sense that a lot of couple will be having an outdoor wedding with garden theme, barn theme and a lot of rustic ideas.

Featured here our Mia hair pins and Kirana hair pins

2. Small simple headband

I try to do a logical thinking from our first trend's prediction, a simple floral headband will be the next big thing

3. Floral statement headband

If simple small floral headband doesn't give you any kick that you like, we have a strong feeling that statement flower headband will give you statement piece that you need. Of course it goes well for outdoor party with relax wave hair do, but you can rock this piece for indoor wedding too. Cape dress with a lot of flowy material and light movement will be a perfect compliment

We have the most favorite Naomi headband

4. Rustic crown

You just want to be you and be very comfortable on your wedding day. Crown can be a very painfull to wear especially if they are heavy and too structural, so it'll look stuffy and a bit oldie but not goodie. Try to consider wearing rustic style crown, not only it's more feminine, but also light weight and modern

We love this rustic and raw style Forest crown

5. Simple flower headpiece

Our creations are famous for it's fine detail, romantic style, feminine shape, and flowery. We do have a lot to offer on our website. But I personally love this piece

Here's one if our best seller on 2020 Yulan headpiece

6. Statement flower headpiece

And last one, I still have a strong feeling that statement flower headpiece will be a trend. It goes well with veil or without veil. Since simple veil will be the trend next year, statement headpieces will be the perfect match

Our Laura headpiece on veil

I hope this will help you figuring out what kind of headpieces that will match your bridal look perfectly. If you have more questions, feel free to talk to us, we have a bunch of team that will be very happy to help you. Have a magical 2021, and cheers to happiness, health and love.


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